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I’m Dottie Taylor and my passion has always been animals. My father, his father before him and my brother, were professional bird dog trainers so from early childhood, dogs and horses have been part of my life. As long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a veterinarian. Fate does not always take the path of desire. After two years of pre-vet at Auburn University I traded the goal of DVM for a Mrs. Degree. Not a bad choice—raising three wonderful kids has got to be more fulfilling than a college degree.

Following 30 years with the State of Florida, I retired, I went back to work with the state and retired again seven years later. Once again retirement didn’t agree with me so I worked at Dixie Plantation in Monticello, FL for 13 more years and retired for the third time, this time to start the new career I have always wanted.

Also, for the last 50+ years I have bred and raised Labrador Retrievers under the name of TaylorTyreKennels. The goal has always been to produce a line of healthy, calm and beautiful Labs that are very much at home in all areas of “usefulness”. I feel like I have reached that goal. As a member of the local AKC all breed club we participate in both conformation and performance events. While this is enjoyable; it is more important to me to place my pups in homes where they are a treasured member of the family.

It took almost a year to convert an old run down barn into an up-to-date comfortable boarding facility but finally we are open for business in 2015 and I am loving it. Now my job isn’t work; just fun.

I invite you to check out Critter Care Camp to see if you think it is as special as I think it is.

Feel free to contact me three different ways:

   1) Using the Contact Form below.

   2) Email me at dottietaylor@reagan.com.

   3) Call me at 850-997-3379.

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